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My new post with hot news about Belgioioso Next Vintage Show, Fall edition, starting from October 15 to 18  2010, can be read on this blog here:   http://vintagevents.blogspot.com/2010/10/belgioioso-next-vintage-oct-15-18-hot.html

The post about Belgioioso Next Vintage Show, Fall edition, starting from October 16 to 19 2009, can be seen on this blog at the following link here

The Fashion Vintage Show at the Castle Belgioioso will celebrate its 20th Anniversary from Oct. 17 through to Monday, Oct. 20. Unanimously considered the possibly most important show at European level, and the evidence is that, differently from many other events, especially those born to pretend the same success, Belgioioso is the unique location where among more than 60 vintage fashion dealers and highly qualified collectors, 20 of them show up only here, so, if you want to grab one of their little treasures, you can find them only here. No matter if they are big of small-sized vintage hunters, they can definitely be mentioned as some of the best fashion vintage researchers world over. Proof is that many international buyers and designers, but I also dare to say many foreign vintage dealers as well, buy from them or visit them to learn and grasp new hints and inspirations.
How should we recognize the most qualified exhibitors at the Belgioioso show?
Well, besides their best choice proposals, I would especially duly note those who do not show the same goods and surprise visitors by exhibiting every season new stuff and are so graciously pleased to introduce and describe their little treasures, who spend time to entertain public without showing they need to hurry up and sell as those merchants who don't give a damm xxxx!
It is so very pleasant nowadays to feel gifted with a little interesting story, an emotion, a moment of the past… I would consider this behaviour a proof of being real fond of something quite special.
I would dedicate a whole week-end to Belgioioso but, time limited, I'd pass the dealers "of all work and junk", as tons of imitation jewellery or recent Second-Hand that you can see in any least fair, and focus to the best 20 exhibitors who seem to be more qualified in a specialty i.e. clothing of a certain period, only clothing, only accessories, who have more characterised and recognizable stands with a certain style. I would concentrate in the most important pieces with high stylistic content and should not to be missed having the chance to be in Belgioioso or in some rare little events dedicate to the Vintage of research.
I personally don't like the first day of Belgioioso, especially when everybody seem to be so nervous harrying up in order to not miss the best choice items.
I never understood the reason, but can grant that I got my best choice in buying the last day, usually Monday, I don t know if it depends on the fact that goods are exhibited step by step each day or because generic people focus on banal things and leave the one-of-a kind things to real addicts, but, in any case, I always give me time, buy rather late and get great unexpected discounts!
I almost never do this in my blog, (since here I am not paid for my cool hunting job LOL!) but I feel, among jewels specialists, I should at least mention the most inimitable one: DulceKappa from Torino who can usually be found at the upper floor of the castle. They have sculptured jewels in sterling silver, works of central and northern European designers, hand painted cameos and miniatures, finely carved antique mah-jonggs in bone, coral, jade. Few but great pieces of American signed Jewelry from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s and more: a little booth with many surprises on shop windows!
Regarding the accessorize selection, the records talk about a big increase of the shoes demand, above all period designer shoes, and handcrafted vintage belts.
On purses, I will emphasize to look for craftsmen pieces, especially hard calf leather bags in natural shade, whose row material should become a new seasonal mood for the 2009-2010 Fall/Winter seasonal trends.
This is my personal estimate but I am lucky as I usually guess well :-)
On HOW TO REACH BELGIOIOSO by car, train or bus, I propose a suitable link from the official site:

Dates and opening times:
Castello di Belgioioso (PV), Italy, via Garibaldi 1
October 17-20 2008
10 to 8 p.m. (non-stop)
Organizers “Ente Fiere dei Castelli di Belgioioso e Sartirana”
Ph. +39-0382-970525 - 969250 Fax 0382-970139
Entrance ticket: 9 €, Reduced: 6€
To my readers I offer 20 free admission tickets, just leave your comment here below together with your name and you will find a complimentary ticket at the Belgioioso entrance counter by giving my name Stefano Wolf as a reference and your bz card.
(Subject to availability) You can contact me via the "Commenti" form here below.

Fiuuuuuu, what an effort this time to translate my Italian!
See you soon in Belgioioso! Arrivederci a Belgioioso!
Stefano Lupo

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