Italian designer Isastella Corbara Sartori prized with Golden Purse Italy Award by Vintage Workshop

At the Vintage Workshop® Milano, organized at Palazzo delle Stelline by the Italian Association of the Vintage Fashion Hunters (Ricercatori Moda Epoca) the Golden Purse Italy Award 2012 has been assigned last February 2013 at the great honorable Italian designer Isastella Corbara Sartori.
The prize is dedicated to the best creativity in modern purses or shoes inspired by Vintage accessories.
The award can be assigned either to and Italian or to a foreign designer of an international brand, provided his/her top collections are "made in Italy".
© Text and image property Vintage Workshop®  All copy rights reserved
Great designer Isastella Corbara Sartori prized at the 34th Vintage Workshop® MI

© Image copyrighted Vintage Workshop®This is the first time that the designer Isastella Corbara Sartori, accessories + jewelry creator and former author of the Limited editions signed for Barnery's New York, has accepted to pubblicly be pictured in some short videos and portrayed in a photo shooting by the organizers of the Vintage Workshop® that have conceived and curated the Golden Purse Italy Award.
A whole photo and video shooting report can be seen down below.
Special thanks to Luca Ragno for his enthusiastic co-operation for the videos part. Here's the link to his minivideo on via : Only the Extraordinary on

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Image copyrighted Vintage Workshop® All rights reserved
Isastella C.S. nearby her special wedding suit signed Ken Scott (1970)

Here the whole Italian release:
For more images and videos of this special photo shooting click on the "Read more" tab.
Special thanks to Alice Anfuso and to Angela Eupani for the photo credits and to the same Isastella C.S. for having accepted to modelling for us!
A fanny chronicle of what happened on 2nd day, the day of the Award!
Isastella, invited among the special guests of Vintage Workshop® Milano, is in the inside garden of the venue, the Stelline Palace Congress Center on Corso Magenta, she is enjoying the brite sunny day and does not know she will soon be prized.
Preparation for the Golden Purse Italy Award are in full effect and the guests invited are already gathering together in the lobby ouside the Hall Borromeo...

©Photo copyrighted Vintage Workshop®. All rightrs reserved
Guests invited at the Golden Purse Italy Award ceremony, ph.credits: Alice Anfuso

Angela Eupani, founder of the Vintage Workshop® project, goes out and reaches Isastella, she asks her a cigarette -strange, Isastella almost never smokes!- Maybe she is just relaxing, maybe she suspects something soon happening...
Angela rapidly grabs the camera of her assistant Alice, it's a digital reflex but she can't find the way to activate the zoom...
©Photo copyrighted Vintage Workshop. All rightrs reserved
Isastella Corbara Sartori. Photo credits: A. Eupani
  ©Photo copyrighted Vintage Workshop. All rightrs reserved
Isastella Corbara S.
Angela tries to shot a photo and says: "Can't find how the zoom lens works!".
Isastella realizes...And begins to smile.
Angela: "Could you modelling for me as you were used in Paris in the Seventies"?
Isastella: "Ok, I will do for you, my friend!"

Photo courtesy Angela Eupani. All rights reserved
 She walks rapidly on the grass, Angela is shooting without being able to zooming, notwithstanding that, she is rather luky on th results!
Photo courtesy Angela Eupani. All rights reserved
Isastella, in her genuine leopard trench, ph. by Angela Eupani
Angela says to Isastella: "Ok, we got it! Now let's go inside, there is something waiting for you..."
Image property Vintage Workshop® All rights reserved
Image property Vintage Workshop® All rights reserved
 Vintage Workshop® All copy rights reserved
Visitors and journalists are assembling in the Borromeo hall waiting for the winner...
Georges Papa, Alice Anfuso at the Vintage Workshop® Milano
Georges Papa and Alice Anfuso

Vintage Workshop® All copy rights reserved
Alice, assisted by Georges Papa, President of the contemporary Expo INTERTEX MILANO®, especially engaged for the Prize ceremony, explains the reason and dedication of the award consisting in a tropy shaped like a little Vintage golden purse and a money check to be devolved to a charitable or humanitarian cause.
Vintage Workshop® All copy rights reserved
The trophy Golden Purse Italy Award

We all had no doubts about the generosity of Isastella Corbara Sartori, she has decided to donate the raised money to a French clinic curing and assisting kids coming from world over who are affected by terminal diseases.

That has been definitely a memorable day!
Stefano Wolf 
©Text and image properties for this post: Vintage Workshop® All copy rights reserve. Riproduzione riservata.

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