Next Vintage Show at the Castle Belgioioso: keyword "Maximalism"

The Next Vintage Show   
at the Castle Belgioioso 
is ready to start!

There was a time when creativity was intense, experimental and daring...
Remember the Eighties? Glamourous and eccentric, that decade, between probable and unprobable trends, was prizing for those that really wanted to blow their mind, art and creativity even until the extreme consequences of not being totally shared or comprehended. Anyway, fashion designers but also the consumers had more opportunities to express their own individuality and a lively creativity.
Let you be inspired by the next Spring edition of Next Vintage, a market and exhibition "sui generis" where more than 70 qualified dealers/exhibitors will be happy to once again to surprise and delight even the most demanding tastes on period fashion and accessories.
My friend Angela Eupani of the Vintage Workshop® cultural association, dept. research accessories brand "Sculture da Indossare" (Sculptures to Wear) will hold her 27th participation in her huge stand to be discovered and hunted at the ground floor, right inside corridor, booth n.12 of the well known castle Belgioioso, located in the neighborhood of Pavia, at the North-west of Italy, very easy to be reached via highway.
Angela and her team will be happy to show their accessories, among which: period shoes, purses, handbags, belts, little fancy leather items and costume jewelry for women, men and also teens.
Inside and outside their booth, as usually Sculptures to Wear will put on display at some giants panels their proposals of moods and inspirations that, in this edition, will be much centered on the keyword maximalism: therefore, maximum colour, expressivity in shapes, manufactoring, textures, materials, for unmissable one-of-a-kind accessories, many of which are unusual, rare or also unique.
Renewed also the co-operation with the danish artist Jacob Sibbern whose whimsical artworks will be integral part of the trends panels, together with some very expressionist accessories collected and presented by Angela with a portion of her research collection in progress that, more than 15 years ago, she successfully conceived as her "Sculptures to Wear".
Even the combinations of black & whites won't miss,especially in fresh unpublished vintage patterns of great optical impact (see photos below).
Collateral exhibition: "Cappelli che passione / Hat passion": a rite of seduction, conceived and presented by the journalist, stylist and collector Cristina Nava (see portrait photo below).
And here you are with an appetizing gallery of pictures as an anticipation on what I hope you will have a chance to personally watch (and buy) at the Next Vintage Show, from April 22 through to 25 2017, Opening times: 10/20 non-stop.
Entrance Tickets: 10€ (reduced to 7 for kids under 12 and seniors over 60).
Official web site: Organizers: Ph.+39-0382-970525 (ref. Gloria Spaini + Michele Bolzoni). 
Attention: free entrance tickets offered by Sculture da Indossare: sms texting Angela Eupani your name in full and foreseen date of arrival to the handy phone n. : +39-339-6729704 (please, don't call, if you seriously want your complimentary entrance ticket just text with the info requested above and you will find yours in an envelope with your name at the ticket counter of the castle just mentioning the brand "Sculture da Indossare", and, of course, your name).
Last but not least: In this stand, some t-shirts with a great litographic print of some artworks by J.Sibbern will be exhibited and feasible to be booked with your desired size and rapidly deliverable upon postal shipping: join the great opportunity to reserve your "wearable art t-shirts" !!

Photos: courtesy by Angela Eupani, Sculture da Indossare, Jacob Sibbern, Andrea Lavaria and the Belgioioso Castle show organizers.

©Sculptures to Wear by Angela Eupani
Handbags, cluthes and accessories by Sculture da Indossare

The 3 XXX by Jacob Sibbern ©2017

Costume bakelite and lucite jewels by Sculture da Indossare

art by Jacob Sibbern
Fujirama by Jacob Sibbern ©2017

Ph. by Andrea Lavaria ©2016

Art by Jacob Sibbern ©2017

Art by Jacob Sibbern ©2017

Mr. Black & White by artist #JacobSibbern, whose art t-shirts will be bookable at the stand "Sculture da Indossare" at the Next Vintage Show in Belgioioso.
Cristina Nava

Ph. by Andrea Lavaria ©2016
ph. by Angela Eupani #Eupani
accessories by Sculptures to Wear, on show at Next Vintage Belgioioso



Next Belgioioso: Vintage ad libitum!

The Expo Show Next Vintage at the Castle Belgioioso, (Pavia - Italy) from next Friday April the 22nd to Monday Apr. the 25th 2016 (included), with opening times 10a.m. to 8 p.m. (non-stop) will welcome the participation of the exhibitor "Sculptures to Wear" (Vintage research purses & accessories") in co-operation with the Danish artist Jacob Sibbern who will exhibit a selection of his art (drawings, painting and illustrations) in the trends panels of Angela Eupani (Sculture da Indossare) in the stand n. 12 located at the ground floor of the right hand corridor at the Castle Belgioioso.

"Ad Libitum" by ©Jacob Sibbern 2016

"Compressed" by ©Jacob Sibbern 2016

Photo by ©Heinz Schattner 
Collateral Exhibition in the entrance hall and along the several corridors: fashion shots by the great international art photographer Heinz Schattner

Vintage purses: collection "Sculptures to Wear" 
Collateral event: "Vintage Styling: a contemporary aesthetic" 

"Pace" by ©Jacob Sibbern 2016
(some artworks by this artist will be displayed for view & sale in the trends panels of the stand "Sculptures to Wear" (Sculture da Indossare), Vintage research archive purses, shoes and accessories, stand n. 12, ground floor.
"Stranito" ©Jacob Sibbern 2016

 Futuristic purse close-ups, collection "Sculptures to Wear"

Vintage swim suit and accessories by "Sculptures to Wear"


Next Vintage Belgioioso practical info (16-19 Oct. 2015)

NEXT Vintage Show, Belgioioso Castle, Belgioioso (Pavia, Italy)
Expo fair / Mostra mercato: October 16/19 2015 -
dal 16 al 19 ottobre 2015
Preview (only upon invitation) : Thursday October 15 (3 to 8 p.m.)
Visione in anteprima (solo su invito): giovedì 15 ott. (15-20)
Location: Castello di Belgioioso Via Garibaldi, 1, 27011 Belgioioso, Pavia
Opening times: 10p.m. through to 8p.m. (non-stop)
Orario: continuato dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 20:00
Tickets: Ingresso Biglietto intero: 10,00 € Biglietto ridotto: 7,00 €
Further information can be found on the organizers’ official Web, from this year also in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian languages: 
and in the Vintage Workshop® Google+ Fan page :
G+ Vintage-Workshop

(ph. credits: A.Lavaria for Sculture da Indossare, Vintage bags & shoes)


Shooting "Next Vintage Belgioioso 2015" by A.Eupani "Sculture da Indossare"


Next Vintage Show ! Castle Belgioioso 15-19 Oct. 2015


LUXURY VINTAGE Exhibition at the Fabriano Creativity EXPO


All about Fabriano Maker City Creativity Expo and the Luxury Vintage show

Luxury Vintage Workshop® show at the Creativity Expo “Fabriano Maker City” (AN - Marche Region, Italy)

In the historical town of Fabriano, from next Thursday the 4th to the 7th of September, the entire city centre will be switched into a wondrous live Expo Show dedicated to creativity. Every district and its main monuments 
will host  5 different thematic exhibiting areas which will be recognizable by special signposts and posters. Each theme will bear a different symbol and colour: “Arts & Crafts” (red colour) located at the Loggiato of St. Francis church, Oratorio d. Carità hosting a special lounge laboratory with live practical demonstrations and tutorials and at the Piazza del Comune (Municipality main square); “Smart Ability” (orange colour) at the Monumental Complex San Domenico with several collateral events and workshops dedicated to the paper handcrafts; “Art & Events” (yellow colour) at the Theatre Gentile, Atrio Chiavelli and Loggiato Palazzo Vescovile; “Street Food” (light green) located at Piazza del Podestà and Piazza Amedeo di Savoia with cooking shows and classes; “Gourmet food & wine” with the  local regional cuisine specialties (dark green colour) at the Chiostro di San Venanzio with cake design, cooking shows and gourmet laboratories with the special guest participation by the worldwide famous top chef Gualtiero Marchesi...

All the events and exhibitions have been conceived in order to emphasize the makers ability and traditions as well as the manufacturing excellences of this city and its surrounding territory.

Fabriano Creativity Expo main events (see further below for the whole activities programme)
During the whole 4-days lasting Creativity Expo, as highlight of the so called exhibition area “Arts & Events”, the Italian cultural Association of the Vintage Fashion Researchers will hold a special exhibition of one-of-a-kind period purses and shoes at the Foyer of the Gentile Theatre in Fabriano, Around 50 rare highly collectable and unique exemplars dated back to the 40’s to the early ‘80’s will be displayed on an amazing labyrinth of Plexiglas showcases in the Foyer of the antique Teatro Gentile, on Via Gentile da Fabriano, 60044 Fabriano (Ancona) from the 4th to the 7th of September (opening times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 5pm through to 11pm; Sunday 10am to 11pm).

Interesting to know: The purses and shoes on show will be an absolute première as they will be exhibited for the first time and many of them, the rarest or most unique pieces, are not even illustrated on the main books about collectable purses.

All the exemplars have been especially selected and extracted from the private collection "Sculptures to Wear" by A.Eupani and from the Vintage Workshop® Accessories Archives of Vicenza, Italy, available for rentals and consultation for the fashion designers and product managers of the international Ready-to-Wear and High Fashion companies.

The luxury concept will be explained under different aspects: the aesthetics pondering, the style beauty, the handcrafted components, the heritage of past ages, the design & creativity assets, the top quality stands of both manufacture and materials, the considerable wealth of detail.

Some of the leading early fashion accessories brands as seen at their apex: Emilio Pucci, Roberta di Camerino, Gucci, Ferragamo, Cesare Piccini and others for Italy, Hermès, Chanel and Céline for France, Rialto, Wilardy, Llewellyn, Patricia of Miami, Maxim’s, Myles, Rosenfeld and others for the Unites States as first examples of high creativity in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s at the time of the early creations of futuristic purses in Bakelite and Lucite).

Luxury Vintage photo gallery preview:
antique purse (Vintage Workshop®Archives)
America purse '50's (Vintage Workshop®Archives)
bakelite purse '40's Collection Sculptures to Wear

bakelite purse late '40's Collection Sculptures to Wear

Lucite purse with underglass embroidery

Roberta di Camerino (Vintage Workshop Archives)

Reptyle purse (Vintage Workshop Archives)

Roberta di Camerino (Vintage Workshop Archives)

The Vintage exhibition will be accented and complemented with the original contemporary crafts garments by the dressmakers’ clothing companies Memory’s Ltd. and Sartoria Luca Paolorossi.

The interior design installation and the special lighting system, with cold led lights due to the peculiar microclimate necessary to especially preserve some of the handbags made in pre-plastic materials, has been projected by the Eng. Ed. Archt. Francesco Sforza.

Special thanks to: the Danish artist Jacob Sibbern for the drawing art lettering of the Luxury Vintage logo of the exhibition.
 poster Luxury Vintage by VintageWorkshop®

The conceiver of the Vintage exhibition organizing Association (Vintage Workshop®, Angela Eupani, will be guest and spokeswoman at the press conference and forum of the creativity with title “Creativity and beauty as a medium for the development of the excellencies of the territory and tourism” co-ordinated and patronized by the University of Camerino, with live broadcasting by the channels “Radio Gold” and “Radio Blu”.


LUXURY VINTAGE a cura di Vintage Workshop® per EXPO Creatività Fabriano

Amici amanti del buon Vintage,
ecco una notizia da far venire l'acquolina in bocca, buona lettura e non mancate! Stefano Wolf

LUXURY VINTAGE a cura di Vintage Workshop®    al Fabriano Maker City, Expo della Creatività, Fabriano(AN, Reg. Marche, 4-7 Settembre ’14)

Durante la 4giorni dell’Expo della Creatività di Fabriano, il fulcro dell’area tematica “Arte ed Eventi” sarà interpretato dall’Associazione culturale dei Ricercatori Moda d’Epoca con una speciale mostra di borse e scarpe Vintage rare o uniche,di elevato valore collezionistico, storico e stilistico, esposte in prima assoluta.
Molti degli esemplari in esposizione, a rappresentare cinquant’anni di estrema creatività nella storia della moda e del costume, dagli anni ’40 agli ’80 del Novecento, per la loro rarità o unicità non sono nemmeno illustrati nei libri da collezione.
Il concept di “Luxury Vintage”: l’inedito è un vanto nel lusso, una componente che può essere spiegata sotto diversi aspetti: la ponderazione estetica, la bellezza stilistica, la pregiata componente artigianale, il patrimonio delle epoche passate, il pregio del design e il valore della creatività, gli elevati standard qualitativi della manifattura e dei materiali, la dovizia nei dettagli, il riferimento ai primi marchi di Aziende della moda produttrici di accessori, osservate nel momento del loro apice creativo … 

Tutti i pezzi esposti sono stati selezionati ed estratti per questa manifestazione
dalla collezione privata “Sculture da Indossare” di Angela Eupani e dagli Archivi di Ricerca Vintage Workshop® di Vicenza, disponibili per consultazioni e noleggi 
da parte dei designer e product manager delle Aziende di Alta Moda e Prêt-à-porter.
La mostra Luxury Vintage è a cura dell’Associazione culturale Ricercatori Moda d’Epoca ( Infoline: 339-6729704 con la direzione artistica di Angela Eupani.
Si ringraziano: Antonella Marcaccini per il coordinamento dell’evento e l’Ing.Ed.Arch. Francesco Sforza dello Studio C 28 Fabriano per la progettazione e realizzazione dell’interior display ed illuminotecnica dell’istallazione espositiva nonché l’artista 
Jacob Sibbern per la realizzazione del lettering artistico del titolo della mostra.

Sede espositiva:foyer Teatro Gentile, Via Gentile da Fabriano, 60044 Fabriano (AN) dal 4 al 7 settembre 2014 (orari di apertura: giovedì, venerdì: 17/23; sabato 17/24; domenica: 10/23, ingresso libero).

 “Fabriano Maker City” EXPO della Creatività é organizzato da  
Expo Marche in collaborazione con il Comune di Fabriano e l'Associazione  Volontari Protezione Civile Alto Esino. Un ringraziamento speciale va inoltre all’Assessore Avv. Giuseppe Galli.

Con il patrocinio o il supporto tecnico di:
Unesco, Regione Marche, Provincia di Ancona, Comune di Fabriano, Camera di Commercio, Cna, Confartigiato, Frasassi – Le Grotte, Università di Camerino, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Fondazione CR, Guzzini Illuminazione.

Nota informativa, a cura di Comunicazione e Marketing Perla, Vicenza,  30.08.2014

poster mostra borse epoca Luxury Vintage by Vintage Workshop
LUXURY VINTAGE poster by Studio C28,    show  title  lettering  ink drawing  art  by Jacob Sibbern



Luxury Vintage Workshop® for Lineapelle at SavHotel Bologna-Fair next March 11-12

VINTAGE WORKSHOP® Bologna for LUXURY FASHION at SAVhotel on the occasion of Lineapelle, March 11 to 12  2014
The exclusive show “Luxury Vintage Workshop® Bologna”, organized by the Italian Association of the Vintage Hunters will be held again in Bologna to exhibit for sale (and rent) a wide range of research period accessories, shoes, purses, travel bags, belts, buckles and metal ware (studs, fastenings, hooks…). The show is dedicated to inspire and help focusing creativity for the top fashion brands, high fashion collections, for the limited luxury editions as well as for the researches aimed at the Ready-to-Wear runaways.
This technical event, based in Italy and unique in its genre all over Europe, has reached its 41st edition in the different formats presented in Milano, Bologna, Firenze and Marche region.

It is especially addressed at inspiring fashion pros, designers, stylists, buyers and shoes, bags, accessories and/or metal ware parts manufacturers but also welcomes private fans of top quality Vintage, University and Master scholars and your emerging designers. 
Luxury Vintage Workshop® Bologna will take place in a at the exhibiting hall of the SAVHOTEL Bologna-Fiera, at few hundreds meters from the LINEAPELLE Fair gate “Costituzione”, offering to an international audience a great chance to see several rare and highly sought after period exemplars impossible to see elsewhere, lending a variety of creative hints, ideas, clues, atmospheres, moods focused on the future collections S/Summer 2015.
This collective exhibition and sale is able to always display a good choice of one of the European largest and most comprehensive Vintage purses and shoes collections, a selection which is steadily in progress, constantly enhanced with new assortments by its founders.
Visitors will also have the chance to review a total new selection of recently hunted Vintage one-of-a-kind and collectable pieces, as well as the newly acquired rarest or most unique exemplars from the Vintage Workshop
® Accessories
Archives that will immediately be available for rent with ready pick-up on the spot.
The exhibited accessories are in different materials from various proveniences iworld over with a special attention to “made in Italy” and European period pieces.

A special area will be dedicated to some moods that the organizing association and members  forecast as possibly future fashion trends to be intercepted and captured: the Post-Punk, Dark atmospheric, Steam Punk, Industrial and new Urban Cyber that the Vintage Workshop project deviser, Angela Eupani, called “CYS” or Cyber Citizens.
The shopping show will open from 9am to 9pm nonstop on both March 11-12
flyer invitation card 41st edition March 2014
This way, the show will offer a view opportunity not to be missed to connoisseurs, Vintage addicts, collectors, shoppers and in general to very discerning visitors extremely keen on quality original Vintage.
A highly skilled multilingual staff, well experienced in Vintage research, will be at disposal of all visitors for any pieces of information and knowledgeable explanation concerning the goods on display, for short-term enquiries of style consultancy as well as for any requests to organize presentations, workshops or exhibitions on demand about different topics of period fashion. 
Good to know that Vintage Workshop® isn’t either a fair or a market, it is rather a technical event unique in its genre, patented with registered trademark, with the format of both a working/commercial show and an educational workshop offering to visitors the privilege to view and eventually buy or rent highly creative period accessories.
AN EVEN GREATER CARE FOR VISITORS: free Wireless + Internet Point available in the next-door Lounge of the hotel. The event organizers will supplementary honour guests with two extra Courtesy services: free luggage deposit and complimentary guarded parking can be requested directly at the show hospitality desk on the spot.
- Usual ongoing customers: free entrance on both days.
- professional and private visitors, specialty stores owners (non-clients): admission fee €20/each payable cash on the spot with entrance anytime from 9am to 9 pm of both days (last admission 8.30pm). Possibility of entrance fee full refund by the 1st purchase.

The entrance fee at regular price will enable to receive a free gadget that will be handed over directly at the hospitality desk (subject to availability).
Reduced fare at €16 for Seniors over 65 and for students attending any Fashion Institute, Fashion University Faculties, DAMS and Academies of Arts, provided they show their student badge and identity card at the hospitality desk (mandatory).
Organizers emphasize the unmissable opportunity for students and recent graduates of the fashion Universities and Institutes to take part in a workshop at a minimum token price and, besides, the chance of entrance fee refund on a minimum basis purchase.


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